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Annual Joseph Sandler Conference

The Joseph Sandler conference is usually held in mid-summer. More information about 2019 will be available closer to registration.

About Joseph Sandler

Joseph Sandler initiated this conference – together with other leading psychoanalytic clinicians and researchers - with the goal to build bridges between psychoanalysts working mainly in their private offices and those engaged in various forms of extra–clinical research in academic institutions. Joseph Sandler was President of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), Freud Memorial Professor at University College London (UCL) and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was also senior scientist at the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt between 1986 and 1990.

Friday, July 17th: 4-7PM

  • Poster Session (Senn Conference Room)
  • Marc Bornstein : Parenting, Research, and Intervention
  • Robert. N. Emde: Implications for Clinical Practice

Saturday, July 18th: 8:30AM-6:30PM (all day in Cohen Auditorium, Yale Child Study Center)

Tea and Coffee
  • Linda Mayes - Introduction and Welcome
  • Marc Potenza & Linda Mayes - The Neural and Psychological Correlates of Adult Transition to Parenthood
  • Helena Rutherford & Nancy Suchman - The Neuroscience of Parental Addiction and its Implications for Intervention: Can the Emotional Reward of Caring for Infants be Recovered?
  • Coffee Break
  • Catherine Monk - A Dyad Before Before: Psychobiological Pathways of Influence and for Intervention
  • Clinical Implications of Presentations
  • Frances Champagne - Epigenetic Impact of Mother-Infant Interactions
  • Lane Strathearn - About Face: How the Neuroscience of Infant Face Perception May Change How We Intervene with Parents
  • Clinical Implications of Strathearn's Paper
  • Phil Fisher - All Roads Lead to Rome: The Neuroscientific Intersection of Next Generation Parenting Interventions
  • Clinical Implication of Fisher's Paper
  • Coffee Break
  • Marc Bornstein
Closing Remarks