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The Admissions Committee seeks intelligent, mature, and highly motivated candidates who show the greatest promise for becoming leaders and contributors in psychology. When evaluating candidates, the Committee takes into consideration several different factors, such as the applicant’s intellectual abilities, academic and non-academic accomplishments, personal qualities, and their compatibility with the Psychology Training program. The Committee seeks to admit students who will be able to function within the psychological training program and, therefore, looks for evidence of maturity, self-discipline, strong motivation, creativity, and enthusiasm. Committee evaluations are based on the applicants’ academic record, research experience, activities and accomplishments, recommendations, and personal interviews. The Admissions Committee also considers personal qualities necessary for the successful study and practice of psychology.

The Yale Child Study Center Psychology Training Program encourages applications from individuals from all backgrounds and has a solid record of recruiting and training individuals from under–represented populations such as racial and ethnic minorities and the handicapped. We aspire to training a diverse population of scientists and practitioners. The faculty, staff, and trainees of the Child Study Center include individuals from many cultural and racial backgrounds.

Top candidates are invited for interviews in January. Interviews are a very important part of the application process. Applicants will receive a general program overview, have lunch with current psychology trainees, and meet individually with one trainee and several members of the faculty, including faculty currently working in the focused training area. Applicants who are not granted interviews after review of written materials are notified by e-mail.

Interview dates for this year are: January 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, and 16. As we interview numerous applicants over a short period of time, we do ask that candidates allow us to take a quick photo when they visit. The purpose of this photo is merely to jog the memory of the interviewers.

The starting date for the fellowship is July 1, 2019.

How to Apply

Our two year integrated program is specifically for doctoral candidates currently enrolled in clinical, counseling, or school psychology programs in the United States.

We only enroll through the AAPI Online electronic matching system, which may be accessed at Further information is available at

Applications are due at midnight Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, October 31, 3018. Early applications are encouraged and may be reviewed upon receipt. All applications are screened by early December and will be notified of their status by December 15 by phone and/or e-mail.

We review applications in a holistic manner. Prior experience with treatment and psychological assessment of children is critical. In addition, we seek candidates with research and clinical experience consistent with one of our four areas of specialization: Autism, Early Childhood, Trauma, and/or Pediatrics.

Please review our brochure for additional information.