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With your support, we can:

  • Design and test new social and emotional curricula for children pre-K through grade 12, and beyond
  • Evaluate the emotional skills training that leaders, educators, students, and their caregivers need
  • Measure the difference this training makes in academic performance and classroom climate
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence supports for leaders, educators, and caregivers
  • Reach individuals and groups where the need is greatest and the resources are few

Your support matters! Courage, compassion, resilience, generosity, tenacity, acceptance, confidence, and kindness are qualities we want children and adults of all ages and backgrounds to possess. These qualities can be fostered in emotionally intelligent classrooms, homes, workplaces, and communities.

To support the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, please contact James Hagen or call 203-432-6802. Or, if you’d prefer, Donate Now online! Clicking this link will take you to the University’s Giving to Yale website where you can make a secure credit card donation.


  1. Select "Support Other Areas at Yale" then click "Other".
  2. Under "Please specify what you would like to support", type "Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence".
  3. When selecting primary affiliation, if no category fits, select "Friend"

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