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Kenn Harris

Project Director, New Haven Healthy Start

New Haven Healthy Start is a nationally renowned, community-based initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration that helps pregnant women and mothers deliver healthy and happy babies. Health Start’s primary goal is to reduce the infant mortality and morbidity rate in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. Mr. Harris has worked professionally in the maternal and child health field for over 20 years, and is passionate about ameliorating racial and ethnic disparities in health, both locally and nationally. He has strived for creative methods of community engagement, empowering the drive and creativity of his community involving both community/grassroots level and academic/medical levels. He helped design and implement a New Haven “Adopt-a-Doc” program which paired hospital residents with community health workers. He serves as a Guide Team member on the New Haven MOMS Partnership, and chairs the Social Marketing Committee.