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Alice M Forrester

Executive Director, Clifford Beers Clinic

Ms. Forrester has been at Clifford Beers Clinic for 15 years; she began her tenure there as a Pre-Doctoral Intern in Psychology and became Executive Director five years ago. She was Project Director for the Clinic’s National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s Level 3 grant from SAMHSA, and founded the Wessel Trauma Center at Clifford Beers in 2005. Forrester’s leadership since joining Beers has been to create programming that addressed and reduced the impact of toxic stress in children and their families. Clifford Beers has integrated a full trauma assessment at intake for all children, parent support and wrap around care for victims of violence, implemented evidenced based practices such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has hosted a National Trauma Conference for the last five years - “Healing the Generations.” Most recently, Forrester has been the principal lead on a Breakthrough Collaborative to create a “Wellness Center for Chronically Stressed Families” that will provide trauma informed integrated primary and mental health care for the whole family. Additionally, Ms. Forrester contributed to the curriculum development used for the metal health group provided to MOMS in the Housing Authority sites, and co-led the initial pilot groups. Alice has been a member of the MOMS Partnership since the inception and is an active member of the Guide Team.