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Mission & Vision

The MTB National Office mission is to strengthen families through an interdisciplinary program aimed at limiting the effects of chronic stress and enhancing both physical and mental health; and to train professionals implementing relationship-based reflective parenting programs worldwide.

Our vision is that all families will receive the support they need to promote optimal health and emotional well-being, and all children will feel safe, secure, and connected in their relationships.

The MTB-HV mission is to support reflective parenting, secure attachment, health, mental health, and maternal self-efficacy in young families facing economic and social adversity using a relationship-based, interdisciplinary approach. The main goal of the MTB model is to help parents “mind” their babies in both physical and emotional ways by promoting and enhancing the following:

  • protective factors, skills, and strategies
  • competent and flexible parenting
  • psychological health in parents, children, and between parents and children
  • the physical health and development of the child
  • positive life course outcomes

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