Minding the Baby

Clinical Model

Mother and newborn

Based on an applied research model grounded in attachment theory, Minding the Baby® (MTB) involves an integrated model of care that bridges primary care and mental health approaches to enhancing the mother-infant relationship. All clinicians are trained in supporting and enhancing parental reflective capacities, or Reflective Functioning (RF).

MTB is a program for at-risk mothers, children, and families blending research with intervention development and focused on:

  • Enhancement of health, mental health, parent-child relationship/attachment, and life course outcomes within young families
  • Prevention at a very early stage of the family’s development
  • Home visiting as the primary intervention modality, beginning in pregnancy through the child’s second birthday

While based on seven key principles, the core of the model surrounds three key elements: 

  • Promoting secure attachment, parental reflectiveness, health & mental health, self efficacy
  • Supporting reflectiveness through relationships
  • Using an interdisciplinary approach 

Minding the Baby


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