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MTB-HV implementation can only be undertaken in tandem with required training and consultation provided through the MTB National Office. The trademarked MTB name may only be used with explicit permission, and model fidelity must be assured. When a contractual agreement is entered into with the MTB National Office at Yale, MTB Operations and Treatment Manuals are provided as part of the initial training and implementation process, which consists of six sequential phases including technical assistance, training, and consultation extending over at least a 30-month period. 

The exact steps and replication process varies from site to site and from one organization to another, but the six main phases are typically rolled out as follows. 

  • Phase 1: Planning and Start-up Consultation. The purpose of this phase is to provide the support necessary to plan and organize the initial stages of an MTB replication prior to hiring and training. This consultation is used to discuss program set-up, hiring, staff development and training, cultural factors, and community outreach. 
  • Replication Phase 2: Introductory Training. An intensive multi-day training is provided to address specific needs of MTB-HV model implementation. This is typically delivered over three consecutive full days, with an additional half-day of training and technical assistance scheduled within a few weeks following the initial training to review evaluation measures, administrative forms, and the individual roles of each discipline.
  • Replication Phase 3: On-going Distance Supervision and Clinical Consultation. Once the first MTB families have been enrolled, all clinical staff involved in the MTB-HV replication begin regularly scheduled consultation sessions through the MTB National Office. These sessions are typically conducted via phone or videoconference, and continue through the first 27-month intervention cycle at minimum. 
  • Replication Phase 4: On-going Supervisory Consultation. As phase 3 begins, families are enrolled, and implementation gets underway, the nursing and mental health supervisors also begin regularly scheduled consultation sessions with MTB National Office consultants. 
  • Replication Phase 5: Distance Training and Optional Train-the-Trainer Component. Within 3-6 months of the initial enrollment of families, quarterly 90-minute distance learning sessions are provided for all clinical and supervisory staff via video conference. During this phase of implementation, an optional train-the-trainer component may also begin.
  • Replication Phase 6: Site Monitoring and On-going Consultation. Approximately 10-15 months after the initial families are enrolled, two MTB National Office staff members return to the program site to conduct a required site visit. Specific goals and an agenda for the visit are developed in collaboration with site administration in advance of the site visit. 

For more information, including additional implementation details, pricing, a sample calendar for full scale replication, or our MTB Replication Planning Guide, please contact us

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