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The Minding the Baby® home visiting (MTB-HV) model was initially developed in 2002 as an intensive, preventive home visiting intervention for first-time young mothers and their families in New Haven, Connecticut. The interdisciplinary clinical model employs a nurse and social worker home visiting team. Program goals include promoting positive health, mental health, life course, and attachment outcomes in babies, mothers, and their families.

Today, MTB National Office staff at Yale University support replication efforts and implementation of the MTB-HV model in multiple locations while also disseminating the key principles of MTB’s reflective parenting approach through training, consultation, and broader education.

A new informational webinar describing the MTB-HV model and implementation process is now available on our YouTube channel and Vimeo, along with a brief animated video describing the MTB Approach, also on YouTube and Vimeo.

Our work would not be possible without our generous donors. For information on how to support this grant-funded initiative, please contact us or donate on-line today. Every dollar counts, and support at any level is very much appreciated.

Please visit the links to the left to learn more about the MTB National Office and MTB-HV implementation, and be sure to visit the other sections of our site to learn more about training and consultation, as well as research and dissemination.

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If you are part of an MTB implementing agency, access the agency web portal here.