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What We Do

New Haven MOMS is a program that works with mothers so that they can overcome their depressive symptoms and achieve greater social and economic mobility for their children and families. New Haven MOMS meets mothers where they are, offering classes in neighborhood locations where mothers already routinely go. The program also provides mothers with incentives, like diapers, which help meet basic needs, and further connects mothers to other local resources and benefits for which they are eligible.

New Haven MOMS Interventions

New Haven MOMS provides two signature interventions delivered by a licensed mental health provider and a Community Mental Health Ambassador — a mom from the New Haven community who connects families with health and wellness resources.

New Haven MOMS currently offers the following interventions:

Stress Management Classes

The Stress Management course is an 8-class course that meets once per week for 8 weeks. The course teaches practical skills for managing life stress and improving your mood, including relaxation breathing, problem solving, and communication skills. This class is also offered in Spanish.

The Parenting D.A.N.C.E.

TheParenting D.A.N.C.E. is an 8-week parenting program open to mothers and other primary caregivers of children 0-12 years old. Group and individual sessions are included. Participants learn ways to strengthen their relationship with their child, and learn parenting skills for managing children’s (and their own) emotions better.

New Haven MOMS Hubs

The New Haven MOMS Hubs are neighborhood-based, co-located spaces where families live, work and play that deliver centralized family economic success and mental health services to the hardest to reach families living in New Haven. At the Hubs, moms can participate in skill-building classes and workshops focused on stress management and job readiness as well as other connections and resources that support family wellness.

Hubs are important community spaces designed to promote health and wellbeing of mothers and families and create safe locations in neighborhoods that are easy to access and increases a mother’s connection to the community and to one another.

Our programs are offered to mothers and other female primary caregivers who live in New Haven County. Moms can inquire about eligibility and enrollment at any of the Hub locations. Currently New Haven Hubs are located in the following locations:

Stop & Shop
150 Whalley Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Parent and Family Development Program
350 George St.
New Haven CT, 06515

Learn More about New Haven MOMS

The video below provides more information about the Parenting D.A.N.C.E. intervention and includes testimonials from New Haven MOMS participants.

For more information about the MOMS Partnership® Model, visit Elevate, the policy lab that is bringing MOMS to other communities across the country.

New Haven MOMS Parenting D.A.N.C.E. Information and Testimonials


New Haven MOMS Parenting D.A.N.C.E. Information and Testimonials