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Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Children Exposed to Violence


The Childhood Violent Trauma Center is working in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to equip law enforcement professionals in their vital roles helping children and families exposed to violence through identification and trauma-informed response.

Funded through the Department of Justice’s Defending Childhood Initiative, the IACP-Yale partnership is building on materials and resources that have been developed and recognized as best practices in law enforcement response to CEV to create a series of tools and resources that can inform law enforcement agency operations, activities, policies and procedures to meaningfully address children’s exposure to violence. To learn more about these efforts, please visit the IACP webpage.

Consultations for Officers

Officers who walk the beat understand the rhythms and underlying dynamics of the communities they serve. However, this day-to-day contact can also bring additional personal burdens, including the risk of being overwhelmed by the distressed situations of the at-risk children and families they serve.

Round-the-clock consultation service provided through CD-CP provides officers a resource for information, guidance and the assurance of an immediate clinical response when a child is in distress. Staffed by a team of experienced clinicians, the CVTC Acute Response and Consultation Service also provides police officers with immediate assistance in the aftermath of responding to children and families experiencing overwhelming events. If you are a law enforcement professional and would like to learn more, please call 203-785-7047

Request More Information

CVTC faculty members are available to make presentations on principles of law enforcement-mental health partnerships. For more information, please contact 203-785-7047.


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