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Preschool Toddler Play Group

Led by Dr. Kelly Powell, Assistant Professor at the CSC, these groups are for preschool girls and focuses on learning to play with others, as well as expressing oneself and developing imaginative play skills.

Swim Like a Fish

A program of swimming lessons/free swim taught by Yale undergraduates from the club, SNUGS, Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons. The club is led by Megan Sardis, a freshman with substantial experience teaching swimming to students with special needs. The program happens on Sunday afternoons. All ages are welcome!

Yoga for Girls

A yoga class held on Thursday afternoons at Breathing Room Yoga Center in New Haven. The program begins in November, 2018, and will be taught by Lani Rosen-Gallagher, M.Ed., an early childhood educator and certified Yoga instructor. This program is for girls ages 8 to 13 years.


Artworxx is an art appreciation and art class held monthly at the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven. We tour one of the many galleries and focus on a piece of art that we love, and then take some time to create our own work based on our inspiration! This program is for teens.

Snapp Space

This is a virtual community for young women interested in chatting about relationships, work and anything else important to you! The community is accessed via iPhone or iPad. We are in the testing phase of this project, working out what kinds of information and discussions are most interesting to young women. If you are over 18, this might be an interesting opportunity for you.

Contact Information

Classes will start and times will be finalized when enough girls are signed up. Contact Kathy Koenig at or 203 737 4337 for more information or to go on a list.