Dr. Julie Wolf, Senior Clinician and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at the CSC will lead Teamworks, a weekly group for girls ages 9-11 years focused on learning to work and play with others. Dr. Wolf will be joined by Meagan Wills, Pre-Doctoral Psychology Fellow in the CSC. The group will take place on Wednesday at 5 pm at the Child Study Center.

Photography Workshop

Kathy Koenig & Allie Horick, a postgraduate fellow in the CSC will lead a Photography Workshop. Allie is an accomplished photographer who has worked with school-age students as the Robinson Child and Family Resilience post-baccalaureate fellow at the University of the South. The workshop will happen on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at ~4 for 60 min.

Just Have FUN for Tweens

A recreational and social group, with some emphasis on social skills for girls ages 10-13 years on Mondays or Tuesdays, beginning at 5 pm. The group will likely run for 6-8 weeks. This will also be an hour long group, lead by CSC Fellows Emma Lecarie and Sarah Boland.

Swim Like a Fish

A program of swimming lessons/free swim taught by Yale undergraduates from the club, SNUGS, Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons. The club is led by Megan Sardis, a freshman with substantial experience teaching swimming to students with special needs. The program will happen on Sunday afternoons.

Girls Night Out

GNO is a teen program focused on self-care, self-advocacy, and building relationships with others. It is led by Kathy Koenig, and Kelly Powell, Assistant Professor at the CSC, on Monday nights for 60-75 minutes. The program includes community outings appropriate for teens and runs for six to eight weeks.

All programs are free of charge

Classes will start and times will be finalized when enough girls are signed up. Contact Kathy Koenig at or 203 737 4337 for more information or to go on a list.