Anxiety Program Faculty

Silverman, Wendy K

Director of the Program for Anxiety Disorders

Research Interests:Child and adolescent phobic and anxiety disorders; Developmental mechanisms; Treatment development and evaluation; Processes of change in treatment outcome

Clinical Interests:child and adolescent fears; phobias; anxiety; stress reactions; worry

Gentili, Nicole M

Clinical Interests:Family therapy/family systems; parent guidance and support; child/adolescent therapy; couples therapy; cognitive-behavioral approaches to treating anxiety and mood disorders; family interventions for anxiety disorders

Lebowitz, Eli R.

Research Interests:Anxiety disorders; Family accommodation; Parent based treatment; Motion-tracking

Clinical Interests:anxiety disorders; obsessive compulsive disorder; tic diosrders

MacLeod, Jelena Goldoni

Research Interests:family accommodation; maternal sensitivity; behavioral measures of anxiety; oxytocin and attachment; epigenetic origins of anxiety

Marin, Carla E.

Research Interests:assessment and treatment of pediatric anxiety; anxiety sensitivity; the role of parental control in anxiety in youth; the role of Latino culture in anxiety

Clinical Interests:anxiety disorders; phobias; school refusal behavior; selective mutism