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Ventola Lab

Position Focus:

The training curriculum will include weekly science meetings, weekly laboratory meetings, weekly clinical supervision meetings, and other didactic experiences at the Yale Child Center. The primary training experience will be training and experience in an evidence-based treatment (Pivotal Response Treatment) for children with ASD. The postgrad, under the supervision of Dr. Ventola, will carry a case load of children participating in a treatment study. The postgrad will also receive training in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), EEG, and eye tracking, which are used as outcome measures for the treatment. Additionally, the postgrad will receive training and supervision in a variety of clinical assessment measures, again as part of the treatment study. In addition to this clinical training, the postgrad will receive training and experience in the design and execution of industry-sponsored clinical trials. With research mentorship, the postgrad will be expected to guide a predetermined project of research from the point of data collection through analysis and presentation of results. The postgrad will be directly mentored by Dr. Ventola and involved in a highly active and productive community of clinical research scientists.

The Ventola Laboratory at the Yale Child Study Center and Cogstate, an independent science company that supports clinical trials, are seeking applications for a joint fellowship position. The Yale Child Study Center and Cogstate have developed a collaborative partnership to support clinical trials in pediatric and developmental disability populations. As such, the fellows will be involved with industry-sponsored pharmaceutical trials. For example, the fellows will gain experience with clinical trial design and methodology, clinician trainings, management of cognitive and behavioral assessments, and statistical approaches. Additionally, the fellows will work within the Ventola Laboratory at the Yale Child Study Center. In this context, the fellows will gain direct clinical and research experiences. The fellows will be trained in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT); an empirically-validated behavioral intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They will then be primary PRT clinicians for children with ASD, under the supervision and mentorship of a licensed psychologist. The fellows will also conduct standardized psychological assessments with children and complete a variety of parent interviews. Lastly, fellows will be involved in direct research within the laboratory using fMRI, EEG, and eye-tracking measures.

A completed common application for this position includes a CV, personal statement, (official or unofficial) transcript, and 2 letters of recommendation. Interested applicants should direct any questions to


Sponsor Institution: Yale Child Study Center, Yale University

Program Directors: Pamela Ventola

Additional Faculty:

Michael Crowley, Roger Jou, Julie Wolf, and Denis Sukhodolsky

Award Amount: $30,000 the 1st year, and $32,000 the 2nd year (plus full healthcare coverage)

Term of Award: 1 year appointment with 2nd year depending on progress

Submission Deadline: January 22, 2020

U.S. Citizenship: Not Required