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Our goal is to share the stories and experiences of the many generations of women at YSM who have studied, taught, researched, and formed the leadership during our first 100 years. Your stories are an important part of the history of the School of Medicine; we value each of them for the experiences they share and the lessons they impart as we celebrate the last 100 years and strive to ensure that in the next 100 years YSM provides an even more rewarding environment for all women. Fill out the survey or read the stories below.

Latest News

A skilled Arab woman in solidarity with societies torn by war, disease

Around five o’clock on a cold winter’s morning, I was called to the delivery room for a patient who was “not well”. I jumped out of bed where I had fallen asleep in my hijab and scrubs just a few hours ago, reached for my coat and shoes, and rushed out of my quarters, across the field to the hospital grounds.

Source: Al Arabiya English
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