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Nancy Angoff, MD, MPH, MEd

Professor; Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Years active at Yale: YSM Class of 1990, MPH Class of 1991; 1998-present

Dr. Angoff is being recognized for her leadership in student affairs and the creation of educational programs which emphasize professionalism. Her leadership and programs have changed the ethos of our school and enriched the environment in which our students learn.

She has been a tireless advocate for students, having created the Peer Advocate program which provides first-year students with upper-class student advocates and the Academic Advisor Program, which provides each student with an advisor who mentors and guides the student’s academic progress. She herself is an incredible mentor. Several of our more well-known students attribute their success to the advice and mentorship of Dean Angoff. Of equal importance to our school, Dr. Angoff has developed important elements of our educational curriculum which help form the professional identity of our students. They include: “The First Day of School” project, in which students are immersed in the importance of cultural humility, and “Power Day,” in which students and interdisciplinary faculty reflect on the meaning of power in medicine. Most recently, Dr. Angoff has become the Director of the Master Course which begins medical school exploring professional behavior through hospital emersion, reflective writing, and other exercises. Her mentorship of students, development of the Students Advisor Program and creation of curricula that emphasize the meaning of being a doctor have been significant and important contributions to our medical school.