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Martina Brueckner, MD

Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology)

Years active at Yale: 1990-present

Dr. Brueckner is being recognized for excellence in clinical medicine and research. She obtained her BS and MD degrees from the University of Virginia, followed by a pediatric residency at the University of Pittsburgh and a pediatric cardiology fellowship at YSM. Her clinical and research focus is genetics of congenital heart disease (CHD). Her laboratory focuses on the cause(s) of a type of congenital heart disease called heterotaxy. The development of non-random asymmetry along the left-right axis is a unique feature of vertebrate development. Defects in this process in mouse and man result in severe congenital cardiac anomalies.

The goal of Dr. Brueckner’s laboratory is to understand the mechanism by which embryonic cilia create and signal left-right positional information, and to investigate whether cilia have essential roles in other developmental processes. In addition to her studies of mouse models of congenital heart disease, Dr. Brueckner is developing a large-scale international collaboration using state of the art genomic technology to identify the genes causing heterotaxy in humans.