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Gretchen Berland, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Years active at Yale: 2002-present

Dr. Berland is being recognized for a unique and distinguished career path that has combined the practice of medicine with media. As an example, she has combined her long-standing interest and experience in the use of the documentary film format as a means to explore the experiences of patients. One film, “Rolling,” which documents the experiences of persons using wheelchairs, aired on PBS. This project was part of the reason she was recognized as a MacArthur Fellow, the first at Yale School of Medicine.

At Yale, Dr. Berland has excelled at mentoring medical students who have an interest in this area, helping them produce short documentaries. She teaches two highly regarded courses at Yale College, each devoted to the exploration of how media can impact health. Her extraordinary mentorship across the university has enabled students to pursue novel scholarly projects, which has led to an expansion of what the university views as scholarly work. Currently an associate professor in the Department of Internal Medicine in the Section of General Internal Medicine, she is a practicing general internist. She has lectured nationally and internationally and has received achievement awards from her college, medical school, and residency-training program, many of which recognize her ability and courage to use novel approaches to scholarship.