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Caroline J. (Kendall) Schmidt, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry; Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Section

Years active at Yale: 2005-present

Dr. Caroline Schmidt is being recognized for her clinical research in tinnitus and audiologic disorders. A graduate of Gallaudet College, Dr. Schmidt successfully completed an NIH T-32 residency where she examined mental health disparities among veterans with auditory disabilities. Of particular excellence, she received a Career Development Award in 2009. This award ultimately led to the development of Progressive Tinnitus Management — the gold standard of care for the management of tinnitus. She continues to support research in tinnitus nationally and currently is examining best practices of mental health integration within audiology clinics across the country. She is a member and active participant of Diversabilities at Yale (DAY) Affinity Group. Finally, Dr. Schmidt's contributions to providing and promoting culturally sensitive mental health services for deaf persons and to veterans is exemplary of the impact of psychological science at its highest service to the community.