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A series of banners was on display at the symposium featuring historically important women, early women leaders, and women of today, including women faculty, alumnae, and students. This exhibit served to highlight the accomplishments of women who, as part of YSM’s past, current, and future:

  • Perform basic science research
  • Work in clinical science
  • Are involved in teaching and mentoring
  • Are in leadership positions
  • Promote women’s rights

The Medical Historical library team created a new online-only exhibition focused on the history of women at Yale’s medical school. Please click here to view “100 Years of Women at Yale School of Medicine”

A companion exhibition, updated to reflect 95 years at Yale’s School of Nursing, is also available online. Please click here to view “Yale School of Nursing: Better Health for All People.”

Yale New Haven Health acknowledged the 100-year anniversary of women at YSM with an historic display on the history of women physicians at the hospital.