Ruth Montgomery, PhD

Professor; Director, Yale CyTOF Facility; Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs

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Years active at Yale: 1987-present

Dr. Montgomery is being recognized her professional role at YSM and her research accomplishments. Her research addresses how individual variations contribute to disease susceptibility, specifically examining immune responses that result in divergent outcomes to infections. She has published new methods and collaborated in development of new statistical and computational approaches. She launched the CyTOF facility at Yale, led Yale’s first published reports using this technique, and recently acquired one of the country’s first imaging CyTOFs. As associate dean for scientific affairs, Dr. Montgomery supports informatics and computational analysis for translational research and facilitates access to the exceptional resources of our institution. 

Dr. Montgomery came to Yale in 1987 as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Cell Biology, after obtaining her PhD at Rockefeller University. Her project then was on endocytosis in macrophages full of indigestible material. 

She serves annually as a judge for the statewide high school science fair, is an elected Councilor of the Society of Leukocyte Biology, and associate editor of Nature Molecular Phenomics.