Nina Stachenfeld, PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

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Years active at Yale: 1993, 2004-Present

Dr. Stachenfeld is being recognized for her accomplishments in science, for her mentorship, and for her efforts on behalf of women at YSM. She has served as chair/member of the diversity committee of YSM/Yale School of Public Health; as executive board member, Committee for the Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM) since 2010; and is serving as chair of SWIM. She has mentored students as a faculty member of Yale’s BioSTEP and Discovery to Cure and has served as a mentor for the Diversity Mentorship Program of the American Physiological Society.

Her work focuses on cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death among women. The goal of her research is to understand mechanisms of cardiovascular and metabolic function and risk in healthy women and in women with chronic illness, particularly the impact of estrogens, progesterone and androgens on cardiovascular function and control of blood pressure in women.

Dr. Stachenfeld has been awarded numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health,  Women’s Health Research at Yale, U.S. Army Medical Research, and Materiel Command Defense Women’s Health, Pfizer and PepsiCo,.