Elizabeth Jonas, MD

Professor of Internal Medicine (Endocrinology) and Neuroscience

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Years active at Yale: 2002-present

Dr. Jonas is being recognized for excellence in research, teaching and women’s issues. She received her BA in history at Yale University and her MD from NYU School of Medicine. At Yale she trained in neurology and internal medicine and served as chief resident in neurology. She carried out postdoctoral training with Dr. Leonard Kaczmarek in the Yale Department of Pharmacology, where she developed a technique to record from intracellular ion channels in living cells and found that neuropeptide-containing granules release intracellular calcium for their own secretion. She also found that mitochondria release calcium for the potentiation of neurotransmitter release during high intensity synaptic activity. Leading her own research group, she rose to the rank of professor, focusing her lab work on understanding the role of mitochondrial metabolic control in learning and memory formation and on mitochondrial dysfunction in synapses within neurons undergoing developmental and neurodegenerative brain disorders. She recently garnered the Senator Jacob Javits Award in Neuroscience and was elected co-chair of the bioenergetics subgroup of the Biophysical Society. 

In addition to mentoring undergraduate, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows at Yale since 2000, Dr. Jonas has mentored students at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. Dr. Jonas has trained undergraduates and, more recently, medical students interested in basic science research. She also lectures to undergraduates and house staff on the cell biology of neurological disease. She is passionate about ameliorating women’s difficulties in medicine and science and serves as co-chair of the Status for Women in Medicine and as chair of the planning committee of “100 years of Women in Medicine at YSM: Celebration and Reflection.”