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As we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of women at Yale School of Medicine, we reflected upon the contributions that these women have made to the School of Medicine and to the world. Women were first admitted to YSM in 1916. Today, about half of our medical students are women, and women are among our most accomplished faculty members.

We commemorated this milestone in a variety of ways, including a symposium, an exhibition, and videos. We encourage you to explore this website and share your stories. We hope that you had the opportunity to participate in the events that surrounded the centennial celebration.

We also encourage you to use this moment to reflect on both the issues that are important to women and the accomplishments of women at the School of Medicine.

Recognize Distinguished Women!

We would like to recognize women faculty or alumnae of YSM for their contributions to science, clinical medicine, mentoring, and teaching. Current and past faculty and students, alive or deceased, may be recognized by other faculty or by students. This is a time to celebrate the contributions of women at YSM and we urge you to participate. All submissions are welcome and encouraged.

Click this link to recognize a colleague, mentor, or woman whom you admire.

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Visit the News & Events page of this website to find out what departments are doing to celebrate the centennial of women at YSM.