Developmental and Neuronal Cell Biology Faculty

  • Pietro De Camilli

    John Klingenstein Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Cell Biology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Chair, Department of Neuroscience; Director, Kavli Institute for Neuroscience and Program in Cellular Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration and Repair (CNNR)

    Research Interests
    Alzheimer Disease; Cell Membrane; Cell Biology; Endocytosis; Neurosciences; Parkinson Disease; Synapses; Lipid Metabolism; Neuroacanthocytosis
  • Carl Hashimoto

    Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology

    Research Interests
    Cells; Cell Biology; Education, Medical; Endocrine System Diseases; Genetics; Molecular Biology; Tissues; Developmental Biology; Serpins; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins; Proteolysis
  • Diane Krause

    Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Cell Biology and of Pathology; Assoc. Director, Yale Stem Cell Center; Assoc. Director, Transfusion Medicine Service; Medical Director, Clinical Cell Processing Laboratory; Medical Director, Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory

    Research Interests
    Cell Biology; Hematology; Leukemia; Pathology; Stem Cells; Medical Laboratory Science; Gene Expression; Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Haifan Lin

    Eugene Higgins Professor of Cell Biology, and Professor of Genetics and of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences; Director, Yale Stem Cell Center

    Research Interests
    Cell Biology; Genetics; Gynecology; RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional; Stem Cells; Embryonic Stem Cells; Argonaute Proteins
  • Shaul Yogev

    Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and of Cell Biology

    Research Interests
    Axonal Transport; Cell Biology; Cytoskeleton; Neurons; Synapses; Motor Neuron Disease