Cell Biology Courses

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502 a/b, Molecules to System

 Peter Takizawa, Thomas Lentz, Fred Gorelick, and staff

This full-year course is designed to provide medical students with a current and comprehensive review of biologic structure and function at the cellular, tissue, and organ system levels. Areas covered in the first semester include replication and transcription of the genome; regulation of the cell cycle and mitosis; protein biosynthesis and membrane targeting; cell motility and the cytoskeleton; signal transduction; nerve and muscle function. The second semester of the course covers cell and tissue organization of organ systems including respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Clinical correlation sessions, which illustrate the contributions of cell biology to specific medical problems, are interspersed in the lecture schedule. Histophysiology laboratories provide practical experience with an understanding of exploring cell and tissue structure. This course is offered only to M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. students. This course runs from September to mid-May and is equivalent to three graduate credits.