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Life in the Department

Progress Report

The Cell Biology Department has a weekly Progress Report series in which graduate students and postdocs present an overview of their research. This is a wonderful forum for sharing information, collaboration and for graduate students and postdocs to hone their presentation skills. Every Cell Biology student is expected to present a Progress Report talk annually beginning their 3rd year.

Progress Report is held in SHM C-428 on Friday from 11:00 am to Noon during the academic year.  Each speaker is allowed a 30 minute presentation with questions. During the summer, Karin Reinisch and Lisa Crotty will request from each PI the names of lab members to be assigned a slot for Progress Report for the coming year. Students 3rd year and up are automatically scheduled unless a special waiver is requested by the student’s PI. Each speaker is required to submit the talk title to Lisa at least a week prior to the scheduled date of the talk.

Refreshments,coffee and tea are served.


The Cell Biology Department hosts a seminar series in which scientists from other institutions are invited to present their research. The seminar is generally held on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in varying rooms at the medical school, including SHM C428, Brady Auditorium (B131) and The Anlyan Center TACN107. Refreshments are available before the seminar. 

The current Cell Biology Seminar Committee to determine speakers is comprised of Derek Toomre, Shangqin Guo and Mals Mariappan.  Lauren Cumberledge arranges travel, seminar announcements, and meeting appointments for seminar speakers. 

Students and postdocs are also strongly encouraged to attend a post seminar discussion session in room C225 SHM for an opportunity for conversation with the speaker.  Please contact Lauren Cumberledge for attendance or information regarding the Cell Biology Department Seminars.


Cell Biology has an annual Departmental Retreat with the main purpose to foster inter-departmental contact and engage in scientific discussions and social activities. The retreat consists of Faculty talks, Postdoc and Graduate Student Lightning talks,poster session and Faculty and Student led activities. The Cell Biology 2019 Retreat will be held at Water's Edge Resort in Westbrook, Connecticut on October 10th and 11th. Yale West Campus and Cranwell Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts have also been destinations for prior retreats. Contact Emily Dering for further information regarding the annual retreat.

Cell Bio Mixer

The department has a mixer on scheduled Fridays once a month from 4:45-6:15 PM held in SHM C-428. The Cell Biology mixers are hosted by a Department lab with wine, beer, cheese and other food. An email and flyer announcement is forwarded by either  Lauren Cumberledge, Lisa Crotty or Emily Dering. Admission is free and all are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions regarding the Cell Biology Mixers please email Emily.