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Who We Are

The Yale University Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT) is an interdisciplinary initiative with the mission of catalyzing biomedical technology development and commercialization at Yale. Formally established in 2014, CBIT leverages Yale’s students, faculty, and staff, Yale’s resources across campus, the Yale-New Haven Health System, peer institutions, and industry partners to identify, support and fund transformative biomedical technologies that drive better patient care. Additionally, CBIT offers educational programs, technical expertise, funding opportunities, and clinical access for companies and organizations outside the university to help catalyze medical advancements.


The CBIT Healthcare Hackathons and Clinician Pitch Nights bring incredible energy and enthusiasm to highlight pressing problems facing healthcare, help to organically form teams to tackle those problems, and change the paradigm around what is possible for healthcare. Additionally, the lectures, workshops, and speaker series inspire a culture of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship at Yale and in the broader community, and help guide biomedical innovators down the right path for their project or venture. Visit the Events page for a list of our upcoming events as well as links to our past events.


CBIT collaborates with different schools on Yale campus to offer a variety of academic curriculum. For details, please see visit the education page.

Project Support

Project ideas submitted through the CBIT website are reviewed on a regular basis and appropriate support may be provided, including customer validation and hypothesis testing, proof-of-concept prototype development, and creating “minimum viable products” for technical, clinical and consumer feedback. Leveraging partnerships with SOM, YEI, OCR and CEID, early decisions can be made on the long-term viability of these projects, identifying whether academic or industrial research paths are optimal. Guidance and support for regulatory, business planning, and clinical evaluation can also be provided. Visit the Projects page to learn more.

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