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Workshops and Intensives

Shorter extracurricular engagements provide faculty and students the ability to explore innovation, while intensives offer a deep dive into a topic of interest and are typically offered in partnership with other groups on campus.

* Clinical Pitch Nights: CBIT organizes students, staff, and faculty from across the medical campus and university to gather and listen to five-minute pitches by clinicians on novel solutions to medical needs. Physicians have five minutes to present their ideas, which are often in need of engineering design, market research or business analysis in order to further develop them. The goal is for clinical leads and interested individuals to meet one another, form interdisciplinary teams, develop and commercialize these ideas to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

* Inside the Mind of a Biomedical Innovator: Participants take a look inside “a day in the life” of a diverse group of surgeons, physicians, and researchers with innovative ideas who took novel ideas forward and developed a product. In a discussion-style format, participants hear how these innovators started their ventures learning details about their idea, how it originated, why there was a need for a solution, challenges in the early days of getting it up and off the ground, and where the opportunity is now.

* Design to Empower: In an effort to empower people of various backgrounds and health literacy levels to take charge of their health decisions by designing more effective medical decision tools, this highly interactive workshop offers prototype development and real-time feedback. Tools help patients weigh their options making choices to best fit their values, preferences, & goals. The program is offered in partnership with the Center for Outcomes and Research & Evaluation (CORE).

* Clinical Redesign: Participants collaborate with YNHH’s elite clinical and project team that tackles and completes challenges on 90-day cycles. They learn how a hospital system operates, what the decision matrix looks like, and help the team solve current challenges facing the hospital system. This intensive is offered in partnership with TsaiCITY and YNHH.

* Health Data Sandbox: Innovators take a deep dive into FHIR, SMART, and Epic EMR architecture and gain access to a synthetic data sandbox. Working in teams, the participants are paired with senior mentors and create their own projects. This intensive is offered in partnership with TsaiCITY and YNHHS.

* MedTech Accelerator: The accelerator is a multi-week program that invites creative students from all disciplines to design and build the next wave of medical technologies to fulfill unmet needs in the healthcare industry. Resources provided include lectures, one-on-one sessions with experienced engineers, entrepreneurs and clinicians, and a $1,000 grant to each team toward research and prototype development. This program is offered in partnership with TsaiCITY and CEID.