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Healthcare Hackathons

Every January, CBIT hosts its Annual CBIT Healthcare Hackathon bringing together individuals from Yale and from all over the world to work together and solve the most pressing problems in healthcare. Over 60 mentors join the weekend event to guide 200+ participants on their journey of transforming an idea into a solution in 3 short days. On the final day of the event, competing teams present their solution and pitch to a panel of judges to win cash prizes totaling more than $5,000 each year. To learn more about CBIT’s Annual Hackathon, please visit

Hackathon Organization

CBIT also works with medical partners and clinical service lines in the Yale community to organize their own hackathons to help address challenges they are facing. These events bring together providers, administrators, faculty and students to take creative approaches to current issues. A brief list of recent partner hackathon events is provided below.

Clinical Redesign

Theme: Precision Patient Care.

Approach: RETHINK how to deliver care, REALIGN resources to better meet patient needs, and REDESIGN processes that are crucial to the successful, sustainable delivery of that care.

Winners: 1st place $1000 – Team T3 | 2nd place $500 – Team YBridge | 3rd place $250 – Yale Health Community Access

Northeast Medical Group Hackathon

Theme: Redesigning Access in Primary Care.

Approach: Break down the silos and work together on finding solutions and better communication strategies.

Winners: 1st Place $1000 – Smart Start Care Software | 2nd place $500 – P2P | 3rd Place $250 – 360 Degree communication

Surgical Services Group

Theme: Transition of Care in Surgical Services.

Approach: How do we keep patients safe with highest quality outcomes? How do we retain exceptional staff and promote resilience and self-care?

Winners: 1st place $1000 - Reducing Socomial/Surgical Site Infection | 2nd place $500 – Well Booth | 3rd place $250 – Smooth Operations