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Fellowships and Funding

CBIT connects Yale innovators with critical funding at the earliest stages. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or for assistance with applying!

CBIT Innovation Fellowship

CBIT Innovation Fellowship: Yale graduate students and clinical residents are eligible to apply for the CBIT Leadership Innovation Fellowship. The year-long opportunity provides insight into the pathway for translating a technology into a product. The CBIT Leadership Innovation Fellow will receive mentorship from CBIT and at least one external mentor to define key questions that must be addressed to determine whether a new biomedical product idea related to determine whether their solution is commercially viable. Fellows will also have the opportunity to network with key stakeholders in the healthcare space. Funds will be provided for related expenses to support innovation evaluation.

Interested applicants should submit their CV/resumes and a one-page personal statement on their reasons for pursuing the program and their qualifications. A brief recommendation and statement of interest preferably from the individual's thesis/research/clinical advisor and one additional recommendation is required. Applications are due each year in April for the next academic year. Contact for more information.

Qualtrics Application Link:

Partner Funding

The CBIT team has built strong partnerships with innovation centers, industry groups, venture firms, and health system partners offering innovators access to valuable insights and opportunities.


In partnership with the State of Connecticut, CBIT established BioPipeline CT, a cross-state collaboration with local universities, Connecticut Innovations and the Bioscience Innovation Fund. We have been a key partner in the $2 million, four-year program that provided faculty, students, or start-up companies affiliated with any Connecticut university with funding up to $30,000. Of the 60 applicants who received funding, over half incorporated. The support and mentorship have been impactful. The program has been leveraged and an additional $43.2M dollars has been raised by these groups through grants and private investment, while 7 companies have initiated human trials. More information can be found at