CBIT Executive Board

Steve Allegretto

Steve Allegretto, BA, CPA, MPH

Vice President, Strategic Analytics and Financial Planning
Yale-New Haven Health System
Dean Alpern

Robert Alpern, MD

Dean and Ensign Professor of Medicine (Nephrology)
Yale School of Medicine
Fred Aslan

Fred Aslan

Vice President
Robert Auerbach

Robert Auerbach, MD, FACOG

Executive Vice President & CMO
Richard Awdeh

Richard M. Awdeh, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Pathology, and Biochemistry

University of Miami Health System

Kurt Azarbarzin

Kurt Azarbarzin

Chief Technology Officer


Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen, BSEE

Vice President, Research & Development
Jimmy DeStephens

Jimmy DeStephens

Vice President of Business Development
Andy Firlik

Andrew Firlik, MD

General Partner
Foundation Medical Partners
Richard Foster

Richard Foster, PhD

Lecturer, Yale School of Management
Executive in Residence, Yale Entrepreneurial Institute
Richard Foster, Presidents’ Circle co-chair
Is a member of the Policy & Global Affairs Committee of the National Research Council
Fred Frank

Frederick Frank

Chairman, EVOLUTION Life Sciences Partners (ELSP)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Life Sciences Partners, LLC
Michael Holmes

Michael D. Holmes

Senior Vice President for Operations and Saint Raphael Campus Chief Integration Officer
Rob Jevon

Rob Jevon

Partner Boston
Millennia Partners
Joe Kimura

Joe Kimura, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer
Atrius Health
Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight

Managing Partner
Fidelity BioSciences
Gregory Licholai

Gregory Licholai, MD, MBA

Elipdera Therapeutics
Daniel Marshak

Daniel Marshak, PhD

Advisor, 5AM Ventures and Director
InVivo Therapeutics
David Scheer

David Scheer

Scheer & Company, Inc
Nirav Shah

Nirav Shah, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Kaiser Permanente
Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith

Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development
Paul Taheri

Paul Taheri, MD, MBA

CEO at Yale Medical Group, Deputy Dean Clinical Affairs
Yale Medical Group
Yale University - Yale School of Medicine
Mary Tanner

Mary Tanner

Senior Managing Director, EVOLUTION Life Sciences Partners (ELSP)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Life Sciences Partners, LLC