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"Educating the next generation of biomedical innovators and maximizing impact."

Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT)

Our Vision:

To serve as a creative outlet for bright minds and change makers.

Our Mission:

To convene and catalyze innovators across Yale’s campus to make novel health related solutions in data science, diagnostics, and devices a reality.

The Yale University Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT) is an interdisciplinary initiative to foster greater innovation in medical technology. It is a consortium of engineers, clinicians, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to help incubate, support, implement, and potentially bring to market novel technical approaches to address under-met clinical needs. CBIT helps students, staff, and faculty commercialize biomedical ideas and submitting an idea via this site does not create an ownership interest for CBIT.

In addition to catalyzing medical device innovation and development that aim to improve clinical efficiency and efficacy, and lower healthcare costs, CBIT also provides new research and educational opportunities for Yale faculty, students and staff; technical expertise and clinical access for industry partners; and a portfolio of projects for investment organizations.


Mentored nearly 300 individual projects (25% faculty, 75% students); select initiatives raised significant grant and venture funding

Led 6 healthcare hackathons, each with 250+ participants and mentors focused on solving a clinical need around an annual theme

Educated more than 250 Medtronic R&D and quality engineers on how we use their tools and paved relationship for student opportunities

Built partnership with YNHHS, establishing the Center for Healthcare Innovation and growing the health system’s culture of innovation

Established CBIT as a thought leader and founding member of GAITS, an international organization focused on academically rigorous study of translational research