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Sergio Picart-Armada, PhD

Scientist, CB3 Team in Computational Biology and Digital Sciences

Sergio has worked in Boehringer Ingelheim since May 2019 as a data scientist. His work mainly comprised the integration and interpretation of multi-omic datasets and the assessment of preclinical models and treatments in fibrotic diseases. More recently, Sergio moved to the CB3 team to focus on data integration and harmonisation initiatives, both from the conceptual and practical points of view.

His background is Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, under the inter-disciplinary CFIS program at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He then engaged a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the same university, where he explored the application of network propagation algorithms to computational biology tasks such as the interpretation of metabolomics experiments and the prediction of new disease- and pathway-related genes. Specifically, Sergio studied the biases in propagation methods and the consequences of their removal.


‪‪Sergio Picart-Armada - Google Scholar