Contact Information

Office of Quality Assurance and Training Phone Email
Medical Director: Howard Hochster, MD 203-785-7006
Director/Quality Assurance: Alyssa Gateman, MPH, CCRP 203-785-3661
Manager, Research Oversight Committees and Education: LaToya Howard, BS, CCRP 203-737-3661
Research Oversight Committee Regulatory Analyst: Niece Hanna, MSW 203-785-7408
Research Oversight Committee Regulatory Analyst: Dismayra Martinez, MHE 203-737-3537
Sr. Administrative Assistant: Famatta Gibson 203-737-5355
Administrative Assistant: Sherry Gray 203-737-8848
Review Committee Submissions/Inquiries
Protocol Review Committee
Chair: Daniel Petrylak, MD 203-737-8076
Vice-Chair: Hari Deshpande, MD     203-737-1600
Contact: Niece Hanna 203-785-7408
Protocol Life Cycle Subcommittee of the PRC
Chair: Howard Hochster, M.D. 203-785-2360
Contact: Niece Hanna 203-785-7408
Data and Safety Monitoring Committee
Chair: Michal Rose, M.D. 203-937-3421
Vice-Chair: Edward Snyder, M.D. 203-688-7425
Contact: Dismayra Martinez 203-737-3537