Membership Criteria

Members must have:

1. An independent Yale faculty appointment


2. Contributed to the peer-reviewed cancer literature within the past 3 years.

In addition, full members must have:

3. Obtained extramural cancer-relevant peer-reviewed grant support as a PI, or as a Co-PI, within the past 3 years 


4. Served as investigator or co-investigator on one or more YCC intervention (therapeutic or non-therapeutic) cancer clinical trials within the preceding 24-month period. For this purpose, an investigator or co-investigator should contribute to protocol development, implementation, patient accrual and participate at a level justifying publication co-authorship


5. Provided specialized medical, scientific or administrative expertise to the overall research mission of the YCC.

Junior Faculty

Junior faculty planning to conduct cancer research, are eligible to apply for Full Membership at the time of Yale faculty appointment. It is expected that such individuals will meet the eligibility requirements listed above within 5 years of receiving YCC membership.


Members are expected to:

1. Participate in clinical, population science and/or laboratory cancer research aligned with research program theme(s);

2. Participate in Center, program or disease unit meetings, retreats, and symposia;

3. Participate in Center internal review panels and other committees;

4. Submit all cancer-related therapeutic and/or interventional protocols to YCC Protocol Review Committee, prior to that of HIC;

5. Submit in a timely and accurate manner, annual and special requests for updates on Research Progress, Other Support, Publications, Curriculum Vitae and Biosketches;

6. Participate in the preparation and implementation of the P30 CCSG application and renewals for submission to the NCI, as requested;

7. List YCC affiliations on curricula vitae and biosketches;

8. Acknowledge membership and YCC support, especially from core facilities and pilot projects, in publications, abstracts, posters, and presentations;

9. Create and maintain of a research profile on the YCC website (as applicable);

10. Participate in efforts to raise visibility and/or financial support for YCC.


Members will receive:

1. Priority use of YCC-managed shared resources;

2. Access to YCC administrative core resources and personnel;

3. Enhanced opportunities to develop collaborative research efforts;

4. Eligibility for allocation of YCC space;

5. Eligibility to compete for CCSG Developmental and Supplemental Funds;

6. Eligibility to compete for YCC Pilot Award Funds;

7. Eligibility to compete for YCC Philanthropic Funds;

8. Facilitated access to clinical populations;

9. YCC publications, announcements of availability of grants, awards, and notices of lectures;

10. Public Relations Support.