Therapeutic Radiology DART

Faculty Members: 

Peter Glazer, MD, PhD 

Lynn Wilson, MD, MPH

Roy Decker MD, PhD 

Joann Sweasy, PhD 

Ranjit Bindra, MD, PhD 

James Bond, PhD

Joseph Cardinale, MD

David Carlson, PhD 

Zhe Chen, PhD 

Veronica Chiang, MD

Joe Contessa, MD, PhD 

Shari Damast, MD

Jun Deng, PhD 

Suzanne Evans, MD 

Susan Higgins, MD 

Zain Husain, MD 

Kimberly Johung, MD, PhD

Bruce McGibbon, MD

Meena Moran, MD 

Sameer Nath, MD

Abhijit Patel, MD, PhD 

Melissa Young, MD, PhD

James Yu, MD 

Key Collaborators: 

Kevin Becker, MD

Joachim Baehring, MD 


Scott Gettinger, MD

Cary Gross, MD

Murat Gunel, MD 

Harriet Kluger, MD 

Kurt Schalper, PhD


  • To provide the highest quality clinical radiation care throughout our network
  • To promote and conduct clinical radiation oncology research

- Outcomes-based research

- HR QOL and cost-effectiveness

Goals for 2016: 

  1. Develop a broad portfolio of therapeutic and non-therapeutic translational studies

- Mechanistic studies of radiation biology

- Biomarkers of sensitivity and response