Head and Neck Cancers DART

Faculty Members:

Barbara Burtness, MD, Leader

Aarti Bhatia, MD

Ranjit Bindra, MD

Joseph Contessa, MD

Hari Deshpande, MD

Zain Husain, MD

Benjamin Judson, MD

Alexandra Kejner, MD

Seral Mehra, MD

Manju Prasad, MD

Clarence Sasaki, MD

Harold Tara, MD

Wendell Yarbrough, MD


  • Provide expert multidisciplinary care for head and neck cancer patients
  • Increase access to novel treatment strategies for patients with all stages of head and neck cancer
    - Total EGFR blockade
    - Immunotherapy
    - Radiation priming IIT
  • Develop translational infrastructure for SPORE application
    - Annotated tissue
    - Model systems
    - T-Tare I (Yarbrough) completed
    - T-Tare II in submission
  • Build chemoprevention and behavioral health programs to better serve catchment area, provide foundation for research into HNC prevention

Goals for 2016:

1. Obtain T-TARE funds to support 4-5 developmental projects for SPORE submission
2. SPORE submission 2017
3. Build chemoprevention program
4. Tobacco cessation collaborative studies

Research Meetings: Tuesdays at 1:15pm

Tumor Board Meetings: Mondays at 3:00pm

SPORE Planning Meetings: Twice a Month