Program Members

Baehring, Joachim M

Clinical Interests:Chemotherapy of primary brain tumors (high-grade gliomas, central nervous system lymphoma); neurological complications of brain cancer; general neurology; molecular markers of cancer.

  • Appt:(203) 200-1638

Becker, Kevin Patrick

Clinical Interests:evaluation, treatment and management of all forms of primary brain tumors; consultative support for the medical oncology community for patients with systemic cancer that involves the central nervous system either directly or indirectly; evaluation, treatment and management of difficult general neurology cases; future establishment of a comprehensive care experience for patients with glioblastoma.

  • Appt:(203) 200-1638

Bulsara, Ketan Ramanlal

Clinical Interests:Brain and spinal cord aneurysms, avms, cavernomas, Neurovascular surgery, Skull base/cerebrovascular microsurgery; interventional radiology, neuroendovascular surgery; neurovascular and skull base pathologies; meningiomas; aneurysms; strokes; complex skull-based tumors; arteriovenous malformations, carotid angioplasty/stenting; brain tumors; acoustic schwannoma; vestibular schwannoma; hemifacial spasm; trigeminal neuralgia; glossopharyngeal neuralgia; pituitary tumors; endoscopic skull base tumor resection

  • Office:(203) 737-2096
  • Appt:(203) 737-2096

Contessa, Joseph N

Clinical Interests:Tumors of the Central Nervous System; Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiotherapy; Brain Metastases; Head and Neck Cancer

  • Office:(203) 200-2634
  • Appt:(203) 200-2000

Fulbright, Robert K.

Clinical Interests:Neuroradiology; image processing; diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); perfusion MRI; magnetic resonance spectroscopy

    Lacy, Jill

    Clinical Interests:Colorectal cancer; pancreatic cancer; esophageal cancer; gastric cancer; gall bladder cancer; anal cancer; biliary cancer; liver cancer; neuroendocrine tumors; brain tumors; non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL); Hodgkin's disease; Kaposi's sarcoma

    • Appt:(203) 200-4422

    Moliterno, Jennifer

    Clinical Interests:Surgical treatment of all types of brain tumors, including glioblastoma, glioma, oligodendroglioma, meningioma, acoustic neuroma/vestibular schwannoma, skull base tumors, intraventricular tumors, pineal tumors; Neuro-oncology, radiosurgery, clinical trials, personalized, precision medicine/personalized medicine for brain tumor patients; Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm

      Piepmeier, Joseph

      Clinical Interests:Neuro-oncology; meningioma; glioblastoma, glioma; oligodendroglioma; acoustic neuroma; brain tumor; stereotactic needle biopsy; Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

      • Appt:(203) 785-2791

      Roberts, Kenneth B

      Clinical Interests:General radiation therapy; pediatric radiation therapy; hematologic malignancy; lymphoma; Hodgkin’s disease; total body irradiation; endovascular brachytherapy; oncologic brachytherapy; gynecologic cancer; cervix cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; colorectal cancer

      • Office:(203) 785-2957
      • Appt:(203) 200-2000