Support Groups

Bereavement for the Loss of a Spouse

Andrea Lucibello, LCSW: (203) 415-8940

Bereavement for Families and Friends

Andrea Lucibello, LCSW: (203) 415-8940

Brain Tumor

Andrea Laudano, APRN 203-785-2791

Breast Cancer

Angela Khairallah, LCSW: (203) 200-6360
Sandra Hurd, MPH, BSN: (203) 200-2328

Breast Cancer - Shoreline Medical Center

Jessica Stein, LCSW (203) 200-6358

Caregivers Group- For Loved Ones of Patients

Mary Strauss, LCSW: (203) 200-3355
Liora Lew, LCSW: (203) 200-6356

Gastrointestinal Cancers

Susanne Lee-Baldassini, LCSW: (203) 200-2120
Sue Hotchkiss, RN: (203) 200-1852

Gynecological Cancers

Diane Viveiros, LCSW: (203) 200-6359

Lung Cancer

Brian Jin, LCSW: (203) 200-2632


Laura Donnelly, LCSW: (203) 200-2120

Multiple Myeloma

Liora Lew, LCSW (203) 200-6356
Diane Dirzius, RN: (203) 200-1592

Pancreatic Cancer

Jan Lenkoski-Mueller, LCSW: (203) 200-3354 

Patient and Family Support- Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at North Haven

Denise Armstrong, LCSW: (203) 215-2135

Prostate Cancer

Mary Strauss, LCSW: (203) 200-3355
Jessica Stein, LCSW: (203) 200-6358

Radiation Support

Mary Strauss, LCSW: (203) 200-3355

Stem Cell Transplant

Mary Crooks, LCSW: (203) 200-6357

Thyroid Cancer

Katherine Hawthorn, RN (203) 737-2036
Colleen Jannitto, RN: (203) 785-3446

Young Adult Cancer Support (Ages 18-40)

Angela Khairallah, LCSW: (203) 200-6360
Lisa Barbarotta, APRN: (203) 200-3278

Young Adult Sickle Cell Support (Ages 18-25)

Conni Smith, LCSW: (203) 688-5707

Care Center Support Groups

North Haven

Caregivers, You are Not Alone- Denise Armstrong, LCSW: (203) 215-2135


Circle of Hope, for all cancer types- Mary Strauss, LCSW: (203) 200-3355

St. Francis Hospital

Caregivers- 1st Tuesday of every month, 5-6:30PM Cancer Patients- 3rd Tuesday of every month, 5-6:30PM. Call (860) 714-4731

Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer- Susan Crawford, LCSW: (860) 714-4412

Metastatic Breast Cancer- Susan Crawford, LCSW: (860) 714-4412

Please call for information, scheduling and location.

Judy: Thyroid Cancer Survivor

Judy Reardon
Judy, a registered nurse at Yale-New Haven Hospital, wasn’t entirely shocked when she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in late October. Having worked at Yale since 1982 and as a nurse since 1976, she has cared for hundreds of cancer patients over the years; she understands first hand that cancer can happen to anyone.