Little Wonder gives Cancer Patients a ‘Prescription for Fun’

About a year ago, Sharon and Seth Feuerstein started the organization Little Wonder to help cancer patients and their loved ones experience the ‘little wonders of life.’ The mission of Little Wonder is simple, to bring together ticket donors and patients undergoing cancer treatment.  Their hope is that patients find some reprieve through graciously donated tickets to cultural events such as concerts, the theater, sporting events, etc.  

Working with Bonnie Indeck, LCSW, Manager of Oncology Social Work at Smilow Cancer Hospital, as well as Denise A. Armstrong, LCSW, and all of the Oncology Social Workers, Little Wonder is making donated tickets, from venues as well as individuals, available to cancer patients undergoing treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven for free.  Sharon commented, “At Little Wonder we want cancer patients to get a ‘prescription for fun.’ Our software platform allows cancer patients to go online and select from a listing of available tickets for events in Connecticut.  The tickets are free, and patients can receive up to 6 tickets per game or show, so they can enjoy the event with family and friends.”

Their goal is to allow cancer patients and their families to be able to make positive memories, while undergoing the rigors of treatment.  So far they have received tickets from individuals as well as the Long Wharf Theater, The Shubert Theater, New Haven Symphony Orchestra, Yale Athletics, The New Haven Open and Quinnipiac Athletics. These tickets are an opportunity for patients to forget about treatment and bills, and even to give as a thank you to their family members, friends and caregivers for their support. 

Denise Armstrong said, “Little Wonder is making a difference in the lives of cancer patients.  We are so pleased to be working with such a wonderful organization dedicated to making the lives of cancer patients better.”

The Little Wonder program is open to all cancer patients at Smilow Cancer Hospital, but they first need to receive a username and password from their social worker. If you do not know who your social worker is, please contact your nurse.

If you have tickets to a show or sporting event that you would like to donate, please contact

This article was submitted by Emily Montemerlo on February 19, 2013.