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Program and Philosophy


The Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center cares for children ranging in age from six weeks through pre-kindergarten. The Center provides a warm and supportive environment in which each child can develop and grow. The program is based on the belief that while human development progresses in a predictable sequence, each individual is developmentally unique. Activities enhance and challenge all areas of development -- physical, social, emotional, and intellectual -- at each stage of development. The curriculum and teaching are adapted to each child's individual abilities and interests, and activities are introduced when children are best suited to master them. Parents are welcome at the Center throughout the day to feed or visit with their children.


The Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center is committed to growth in our understanding of each child's individual physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We strive to provide a quality early childhood experience that encourages cooperation, communication and social competence for all children. We recognize that the entire family comes to the childcare center and families are partners in this commitment. Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center offers opportunities that will permit children to leave our center with a belief and trust in themselves, their caregivers and in their ability to master their environment. Our mission is to cultivate children who are active learners, willing to explore, take risks and meet the challenges of their future.

Teacher/Child Ratios

The infant and toddler rooms have a teacher-child ratio of at least 1 to 3.

The pre-school teacher-child ratios are 1 to 4 for under three years old and 1 to 5 for three to five year olds.