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RADx-rad virtual conference

The National Institutes of Health launched the RADx℠ Radical program to support innovative, non-traditional diagnostic approaches to address gaps in COVID-19 testing and surveillance. The program is to produce more efficient and effective ways to identify the current SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, as well as its variants, and to develop tools to detect and combat emerging infectious diseases. It also promotes other ways to help diagnose and monitor COVID-19, and it will use AI and other advanced techniques to build predictive models.

This objective of this conference is for each awardee to showcase their work in terms of accomplishments, both scientific and commercial. Each presentation will be a 10-minute pre-recorded video exposition. The presentations will be grouped based on similar themes or concepts, often as awarded by a Funding Opportunity Announcement. After each group, there will be 15 minute live Question and Answer session addressing the presentations in that group.

Attendance is limited to RADx-rad members only, who can join online September 21 at 10:30am.