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6b. Overlaying Individual Tmaps onto Individual 2D Anatomical

Methods used to overlay a result map in individual space onto the individual 2D anatomical image.
  1. Choose brainregister from the BioImageSuite main menu. Three windows will appear: a transform viewer, a reference window and a brainregister menu bar. In the Reference Window choose (File | Load)
  2. Choose the filename that refers to the conventional 2D thick slice anatomical image and click Open.
  3. In the Transform Window choose (File | Load)
  4. Choose the task t-map or percent signal change map that is chosen to be overlaid onto the anatomical. Click Open.
  5. On the BrainRegister menu bar Choose (Registration | Transformation). A new Registration/OverlayTool window will appear.
  6. Under the Transformation block Click Load.
  7. Choose the functional or echoplanar to 2D registration and Click Open. DO NOT CLICK RESLICE!
  8. On the Registration/Overlay Tool window choose the Functional Overlay tab.
  9. Choose your threshold
  10. Click Create Overlay. This will reslice the functional map with the chosen registration as well as overlay the resliced image onto the anatomical and display the results in the Transform window.