Currently Funded Grants

Upgrade of the Yale 3T Trio Imaging System (Constable)

Quantitative High Resolution (Carson)

Kappa Receptor Occupancy of LY255582 Assessed by PET (Carson)

Radiotracer R&D in Nuclear Medicine and Neuroscience NCE (Ding )

New PET radioligand for the serotonin transporter (Huang)

Radiological Sourse Surveillance with Videocentric Radiation Detection (d'Errico)

Automated Image Registration for Prostate Radiotherapy (Duncan)

Integrated Function/Structure Image Analysis in Autism (Duncan)

Novel Quantitative Imaging and Analysis of Endocytosis (Duncan)

Bioimage Suite: A structural, functional and metabolic image analysis platform (Papademetris)

Bioimage Suite: (An Image Analysis Database Server) SUPPLEMENT (Papademetris)

Image-Guided Deep Brain Microscopy for Neurosurgical Intervention (Papademetris)

Constrained Maximum Likelihood Cryo-EM Reconstruction in Proteomics NCE (Tagare)

Segmentation of Ultrasound Images (Tagare)

JDRF Center for the study of hypoglycemia at Yale (Constable)

Epileptogenic Tissue Localization using EEG-fMRI (Constable)

Towards an Improved Understanding of BOLD Signal Changes (Constable)

Cognitive and Affective Influences on Taste Processing (Constable)

Influence of Baseline Brain State on fMRI (anesthesia) (Constable)

Development of real-time fMRI for neurophysiological feedback in self control of stress, addition, and pain (Constable)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Neurogenesis (Shapiro)

Dynamic MRI of Immune Cell Infiltration in Experimental Stroke (Shapiro)

Single cell MRI of directed cell migration to stroke (Shapiro)

Biofeedback of activity in the supplementary motor area to reduce tics in Tourette Syndrome (Hampson)

Implementation of FAST-MRS to study Muscle Mitochondrial Function at 4T (Befroy)

Boyer Liver Center Pilot (Befroy)

Novel Technologies for Global Optimization of Magnetic Field Homogeneity (de Graaf)

Dynamic Shim System for in Vivo MRI and MRS (de Graaf)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (Hyder)

Core Center for Quantitative Neuroscience with Magnetic Resonance (QNMR) (Hyder)

GABA Effects of Nicotine in Men and Women (Mason)

Acute effects of Ethanol on brain GABA levels in family history positive and negative subjects (Mason)

Neuroimaging Sciences Training (Mason)

Skeletal Muscle Fatigue in Older Adults (Rothman)

MRS Studies of Brain Metabolic Adaptations in Diabetes (Hypo) (Rothman)

MRS Studies of Neurotransmitter Cycling in Human Brain NCE(Rothman)

Mitrochrondrial Dysfunction: Role in Metabolic Syndrome (Rothman)


Chemotherapy with injectable microdroplets NCE (d'Errico)

Bioimaging and Intervention in Localization-Related Epilepsy (Duncan)

LV Strain Quantification from 4D Echocardiology (Duncan)

MR Imaging of Directed Endogenous Neural Progenitor Cell Migration (Shapiro)

YCCI Pilot CTSA Scholar (Sampath)

NMR Studies of Brain Energetics & Hypoglycemia In Vivo (Behar)