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TAC machine
The Yale Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) group was founded in 1986 under the leadership of Robert Shulman. Recognizing the potential of MRS to study metabolism and function non-invasively in vivo, the group quickly evolved the MRS studies from cells to animals and ultimately to humans. Among the numerous contributions of the Yale group to the field of in vivo MRS are the development of 13C MR methods to study metabolic fluxes in vivo, the use of multi-modal MR methods to study brain function, and the implementation of sophisticated hardware to address specific MRS problems. Under the leadership of Douglas Rothman, the MRS group has expanded to a large roster of several faculty, staff and postdoctoral associates and students, using three animal (4, 9.4 and 11.7 T) and two human (4 and 7 T) MR systems.