Richard E Carson, PhD

Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging and of Biomedical Engineering; Director, Yale PET Center; Director of Graduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Trials

Conditions Study Title
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Imaging 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase availability in vivo
Mental Health & Behavioral Research, Alzheimer's Disease Synaptic Density PET tracer evaluation
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Vitamin D as a Therapeutic Adjunct in the Stimulant Treatment of ADHD
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Imaging Microglial Activation in PTSD wITH PET
Diseases of the Nervous System Imaging pancreatic beta-cells with PET neuroimaging agent 11C-PHNO
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Imaging mGluR5 and synaptic density in psychiatric disorders
Lung An Exploratory Study of the Biologic Effects and Biomarkers of Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab in Subjects With Treatment-Naive Stage IV or Recurrent Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Imaging SV2A in mood disorders
Lung Low-Dose PET/CT for Imaging Small Lung Nodules
Tobacco Addiction Imaging sex differences in smoking-induced dopamine release via novel PET methods
Diseases of the Nervous System, Mental Health & Behavioral Research SV2A PET Imaging in Healthy Subjects and Epilepsy Patients
Addictive Behaviors PET Imaging of mGLuR5 With Drug Challenge
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Translational Neuroscience Optimization of GlyT1 Inhibitor (NCATS)
Mental Health & Behavioral Research PET and MRI Brain Imaging of Bipolar Disorder
Mental Health & Behavioral Research, Tobacco Addiction Acetylcholine, Tobacco Smoking, Genes and Nicotinic Receptors (nic_physo)
Mental Health & Behavioral Research Glutamate-Glutamine Cycling (VCYC) During Cocaine Abstinence Using 13C-MRS

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Richard E Carson, PhD
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Radiology & Biomedical ImagingPO Box 208048
15 York Street

New Haven, CT 06520-8048

Yale PET Center

Research Image 1

Our work on synaptic density imaging was published in Science Translational Medicine on July 20, 2016

Research Image 2

Collage of PET images from the Yale PET Center

Research Image 3

Human PET brain images with 10 different tracers