Francesco D'Errico, PhD

Research Scientist in Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Research Organizations

Radiology & Biomedical Imaging: Bioimaging Sciences: Magnetic Resonance Research Center; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Radiobiology and Radiotherapy

Yale Cancer Center: Radiobiology & Radiotherapy

Selected Publications

  • d'Errico F, Di Fulvio A, Maryanski M, Selici S. and Torrigiani M. Optical readout of superheated emulsions. Radiat. Meas 43(2-6) 432-436 (2008).
  • Status of radiation detection with superheated emulsions.

    d'Errico F. Status of radiation detection with superheated emulsions. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2006, 120:475-9.

  • d'Errico, F., Prokofiev, A., Sannikov, A.V., Schuhmacher, H. High-energy neutron detection and spectrometry with superheated emulsions. Nucl. Instr. Methods. A 505(1-2) 50-53 (2003).
  • d'Errico, F., Nath., R., Holland, S.K., Lamba, M., Patz, S. and Rivard, M.J. A Position Sensitive Neutron Spectrometer/Dosimeter Based on Pressurized Superheated Drop (Bubble) Detectors. Nucl. Instr. Methods A476(1-2) 113-118 (2002).
  • Apfel, R.E., and d'Errico, F. A Neutron Spectrometer Based on Temperature Variations in Superheated Drop Compositions. Nucl. Instr. Methods A476 (1-2) 298-303 (2002).

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Francesco D'Errico, PhD
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