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Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Program Mission

Daniel Bondeson
Photo by Mathew, Joshua
Daniel Bondeson, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Advisor Craig Crews

The mission of the CMBTP is to rigorously train outstanding early career scientists to address fundamental biological problems using molecular and cell-based mechanistic approaches and to prepare them for leadership positions in scientific research and science-related careers. Unlike most BBS students at Yale who are engaged in specialized research programs and have had most of their graduate training in a relatively narrow field, the CMBTP seeks to educate and train its students to be “generalists,” who can teach, work in and evaluate research areas ranging from biophysical studies to cell biological and molecular genetic analyses. These objectives distinguish the CMBTP from other training programs at Yale. In broad terms, the CMBTP aims to integrate diverse disciplines all focused on cellular and molecular biology in a way that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of modern biomedical research.